From a student at Pierce Middle School, Grosse Pointe:
“I think your performance was fantastic. I think it really will spread the word to stop bullying. I have been bullied since the 3rd grade and I want to help to stop it. I think I will tell a teacher and try my best to get bullying out of my life.”

From the principal at Pierce Middle School Grosse Pointe:
“On behalf of our students, faculty, staff, and parents, thank you for your moving and heartfelt presentation of The Bullycide Project. Your performers and crew had a message that needs to be heard by all. Your production challenged everyone to stop and reflect upon the choices they make. How we treat others is so important if we are going to make a difference in our world. I can’t think of anything more important in life or education than a “quality relationship.” Your cast and crew clearly established that “quality relationship” with our audience.”

Lori and crew put on a powerful and moving show that will leave you in tears!
I have one wish that people see this and step up to change outcomes… I beg you to share this with your school and parents so we can prevent the pain students suffering from bullying . I for one need no more proof that kids need help or that parents deserve schools to support them with real solutions! Thank you Lori for
all your efforts and helping to prevent bullycide!!!!

I was in the audience at the SVSU performance today. Thank you for caring so deeply, and for sharing pieces of yourself with us. It means more than I can say.

From an audience member at The Bullycide Project performance: NoBLE Beaumont performance Groves High School:
“This was an amazing and powerful presentation! I was emotionally moved and empowered to take an active role as an educator and parent to support our children and help create a cultural change. The honesty and reality of the stories shared – I was awestruck by the courage and bravery. This was an unforgettable experience.”

Tonight I attended The Bullycide Project. There was not a sound in the theatre as all were touched by the presentation. It was profound. I was quickly reminded that in our training process, that we are doing the right thing for kids.” -Physician attending NoBLE/Beaumont performance

FHS Student: “After watching The Bullycide Project I kept thinking about the boy who was called names. My friends would “throw” words at me and at times I would “throw” them back. All of it in good fun. However, at times those words would hurt. They still do actually. I think about those words more often than I would like to.”

From a counselor at Center Line HS:
“I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing performances yesterday. As a result, we have already had students come down to us to report potential suicide risks. THANK YOU for raising awareness with our entire student body! You are really doing something special.”

An email from a English professor at Delta college:
“I see students wearing their BULLYCIDE t-shirts around campus from time-to-time. Having a successful visit from your production really helped raise awareness here and provides a lot of support for what we are doing with our own Safe Space project and campus-wide civility movement. The Carry-On Case will continue to support these efforts and outreach.
Best to you and the troupe! You are all amazing, and I love following you on Facebook!”

From a Linden student:
Thank you so much. I was one of the 7th graders earlier this morning and you taught me something different, to help people that are being bullied and to never be the bully. Thank you